How It All Started

When I was in high school, I didn’t care much about my looks. I was this grubby teen surrounded by smooth, beautiful faces in an all-girls school, often teased about my pimples and oily skin. My self-esteem was low to zero — until I tried my very first skin care routine.

I don’t know how it started and exactly how it happened. All I remembered was I bought my first facial wash and toner at the local drugstore, tried them, and got addicted to anything skincare-related. It was a roller coaster ride; I went to two different dermatologists and spent endless amounts on various products that may or may not have worked.

Fast forward to more than ten years later, I find myself looking back at old pictures, relieved that I’ve finally achieved that supple, clear skin at 26 years old.

One thing I learned from my skin care journey is that some products won’t work, no matter how expensive they are. Some will, but you have to test out different brands and products on the shelf just to see what’s effective.

And that’s exactly why I built Skin Care Raves, a review website focused on helping Filipinos achieve and maintain flawless skin.