Eye Care Holy Grail: Black Pearl Philippines Instant Youth Effect Wrinkle Reducer

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Wrinkles. Don’t we just love them?

A couple years ago, I noticed fine lines forming around my eyes. It happened one day when I was doing my make up and discovered tiny lines on the sides of my eyes and a few ones under the eyes. I wasn’t exactly wrinkle hunting but it was one of those days when I had to do my make up. And just to see how much of a big deal these fine lines are, I did a little before-and-after test. I gently pulled the skin around my eyes a little, until it I stretched it enough to make the lines disappear. It instantly made me look younger. Then I released the skin and I was back to my 30-something face. The wrinkle package came too early.

Eye care is very important to me so I decided to do something to slow down the aging process of the skin around my eye area. I never really understood the fuss about crow’s feet and fine lines until I had them myself. And though I understand that aging is natural and a part of life, I also see the need to take care of my skin. After all, in my book, skin care is part of aging beautifully.

After a few failed wrinkle-reducing product trials, I was ready to give up. I started to think that no product in the market could actually reduce wrinkles the way they promise to. And then a friend brought home a skin care kit that got me intrigued. She swore by its effectiveness so I did my own research before actually getting one for myself. I did see the changes on her skin tone and was eager to try it out myself.

So my research for Black Pearl skin care products began. I have read very good reviews about their products. Also, I have seen the Instant Youth Effect Wrinkle Reducer work on my friend. And though it costs a bit more than the other ones I tried, I got myself one. This product, I thought, was going to be a game changer. And I was not disappointed.

The results are astounding!

Getting that Youthful GlowInstant Youth Effect Wrinkle Reducer

Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines’ Instant Youth Effect Wrinkle Reducer does exactly what the label says. It reduces and tightens wrinkles in an instant. The serum contains amino acids, Dead Sea minerals, Bamboo extract, and Almond. This combination of ingredients is essential in restoring the skin’s natural elasticity. Here’s a little 411 on these ingredients:

Bamboo extract is rich in silicon. It is responsible in keeping the elasticity of the skin and the wrinkles at bay.

Almond proteins are essential in creating a protective layer on the skin. It keeps the skin soft and supple.

Dead Sea minerals possess skin healing properties and are one of a kind. These minerals are completely natural and work for all skin types. And people swear by how effective it is.

The Road to Brighter Eyes


Woman Putting On Eye CreamWhen I got my Instant Youth Effect Wrinkle Reducer serum, I wanted to try it out right away. But I decided to do it in the evening, because I wanted to see how my skin was going to react to it. Most of the eye creams and serums I tried felt oily after a few hours and felt heavy on the skin. I used an amount that is no more than half the size of a pea. I dabbed it on the problematic areas under and on the corner of my eyes.

On the first application of the serum, I already felt the skin on the sides of my eyes tighten. It’s like getting an instant eyelift!

It did take a few minutes until it was completely absorbed by the skin. But once it was, I can definitely say that the wrinkles around my eyes have reduced! I had to look away and check again after a few minutes to make sure I wasn’t imagining the results. I have become a bit doubtful since after trying too many products and none of which worked as promised. And I was glad to see that this time, the results are in fact real and that the product works like a miracle!

I did a bit of light for a couple more hours before actually going to bed. And when I checked back, I saw how the skin around my eyes looks taut and supple. I went to bed with high hopes for the product. And when I woke up the next day, the skin around my eyes look rejuvenated and I look well rested! I was ecstatic!

I reapplied the serum in the morning, after my usual grooming routine. It took around about the same amount of time for my skin to absorb the serum but the results are once again, amazing. I let it dry before putting some concealer on. The concealer has been my best friend since I noticed the aging skin around my eyes, especially in the eye bag area. But on that morning, the puffiness around my eyes was also reduced and it looked as if I had slept for 9 hours straight! No eye bags, no puffy eyes, and no wrinkles!

I reapplied the product before going out to dinner with friends the same day. Cleaned my face first, of course. I noticed how much better the skin around my eyes looked, compared to how it did before I started using the product. After putting on the wrinkle reducer serum, I decided not to put any concealer on. My eyes looked bright and had a radiant, youthful glow. All I did was to put a lipstick on and that was the best no-make-up look I’ve ever worn in years!

I use the product twice daily (morning and evening), and the more I use it, the longer the effect stays on. I am really happy about getting this product!

I can honestly say that the Black Pearl Instant Youth Effect Wrinkle Reducer is the best skin care product I’ve ever tried. There is nothing quite like it! It is a mighty product in a small bottle. It not only fights wrinkles in record speed but also repairs your skin as you continue to use it! I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an eye care product that really works and one that works fast! I guarantee you, it’s not going to disappoint you and you’ll get the same amazing results that I did!