Black Pearl Skin Care Philippines’ Neck and Décolleté Mask Travel Writer’s Review

I’ve spent the past week wavering between anticipating my upcoming date with Mister Rugged and Handsome and being nervous about this being my first date in months. Added to that was my latest travel assignment that required a last minute red eye flight and 36 hours in Paris then another red eye flight back home which left my skin dehydrated and dry with a few breakouts and dark bags under my eyes. I was more than ready for a home spa night pampering myself with my luxurious Black Pearl Skin Care products.  I’m mighty glad to have found the Philippine reviews for Black Pearl Skin Care for me to see how the rest of their product line works for other Filipinas.

Black Pearl Neck and Décolleté MaskThe Problem of Crepey Loose Skin and a Royal Solution

It’s wonderful to be able to visit such a romantically glamorous city, but the 36 hours was nearly constant on the go and involved very little sleep time and it was really showing in my skin. Even before the Paris assignment I had noticed that my neck is not as taut and firm as it used to be and my décolleté area skin has some looseness and the beginnings of crepey looking skin and sun damage. I attribute much of the damage to my teens and early twenties when I would spend hours in the summer sunbathing with tanning oil and no sunscreen. That was way before we knew the dangers of the sun and the damages it could cause. The years of neglect along with my recent rapid weight loss has begun to affect my neck and upper chest, where my skin has thinned, begun to have a ruddy tone and the start of that crepey look. None of these things was anything I was willing to accept without fighting back. One of the Black Pearl Skin Care products I ordered with the Black Pearl Face Mousse Cleanser was the Royalty Neck and Décolleté’ Mask made for women like me who are experiencing a décolleté and neck they would rather hide beneath a turtleneck and scarf than show off in the latest low neck Paris fashion.

I have been using the Black Pearl Face Mousse Cleanser consistently for a week and the ravages to my skin and pores of the week I spent outdoors doing a travel writing assignment on Glamping on the dunes without a skin care routine are gone. I ordered three other Black Pearl Skin Care products when I ordered the face cleanser but with the last minute trip and being on deadline I haven’t had a chance to use the other products until tonight. Once I hit the submit key on the final draft on the Paris trip I had some time to pamper myself. It was nice to be able to stay in to relax watch a romantic old movie and treat myself to girly stuff.

In anticipation of the night of pampering I soaked in a long steamy bath with my favorite scented candle burning and lots of mineral salts in the bath water to help draw the impurities out of my body and ease my aching leg muscles. I’m very lucky I live in an older apartment with a big deep tub in the bathroom.

Immediately after I finished soaking in the tub and while my skin was still moist and dewy I opened the box and found the box with the Black Pearl Royalty Neck and Décolleté’ Mask. Upon opening the outer box I noticed a strong resemblance to the Black Pearl Royalty Collagen Firming Mask container. It was egg shaped and like the firming mask jar it reminded me of a Royal Faberge Egg. If the container was any indication of the contents being as effective as the firming mask I was about to be very pleased with my purchase.   

Luxury Ingredients

The listed ingredients in the Black Pearl Royalty Neck and Décolleté Mask were impressive and as I had already experienced with the Black Pearl Royal Collagen Face Mask and the Black Pearl Face Mousse Cleanser there was no skimping of effective, proven, quality and luxury in the Black Pearl Skincare Line. Ingredients including Pearl Powder made from honest to goodness real pearls that have been finely ground to a powder. Pearl powder contains something called Nacre which is responsible for the iridescence of pearls and when is used in skin care products is effective for skin whitening/brightening and helps soften and fade the look of sun damage, age spots, wrinkles and is great at exfoliating dead skin cells.


Seaweed extract is full of enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which provide healing, hydrating, cell regeneration and are anti-inflammatory. The seaweed also is chock full of a range of vitamin B and easily absorbed topically.

Black Sea Minerals are a unique ingredient to the Black Pearl Line of Skincare products. The Black Sea minerals contain natural highly concentrated levels of calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium which are all known for helping with inflammation and healing and contribute to increased collagen levels which contribute to tissue regeneration that makes skin more supple.  

The Results Are Promising

Since I was fresh out of the bath and my skin was clean I didn’t need to do any preliminary preparation for using the mask. It was creamy and luxurious and went on like silk on my skin. I only needed to use a very small dollop for my entire neck and chest area leaving it feeling silky smooth and me feeling pampered and hopeful. The next morning I noticed a lot less mottled redness in the skin of my décolleté and over the following two weeks a definite difference of fading in the sun-damaged brown spots along my jawline, neck and upper chest skin.

Black Pearl Skin Care Royalty Neck and Décolleté Mask is a definite permanent addition to my skincare routine. Especially since I found out in a late night conversation with my dreamy Mister Rugged and Handsome that he is a couple of years younger than I am. I’m going to want to keep these telltale signs of aging in my skin at bay and I’m thrilled that I’ve found sexy, effective, skin care products in Black Pearl Skincare Line to help me that does exactly what I need to boost my self-confidence.