Exclusively for Him: A Guide to Men’s Skincare Routine with Origani

man rubbing lotion onto his handsJust like women, men also have to take good care of their skin. Although guys are often viewed as brusque and sharp, this is no excuse to ignore the importance of following a skincare routine. This is the only way for you to maintain a healthy and refreshed skin.

Starting the Face Care Journey

When it comes to men’s skincare, keeping the routine straightforward and easy is necessary. This way, you can easily follow and do the regimen consistently. Luckily, face care is not as complicated as you think.

It only consists of three steps to complete—cleanse, tone, and moisturize. It wouldn’t take you that much time to complete each step, so it’s totally convenient for you.

Searching for the Right Products

As you begin this journey, you might find it very challenging to search for products that are perfect for your skin. Worry not, because Origani Philippines’ Skincare products include a Repertoire for Men collection. It’s basically a skincare grooming package packed with a hydrating and anti-aging formula to help men take good care of their skin.

What’s in the Repertoire Collection?

This face care kit contains products that are essential to giving men a sharp, clean, and healthy look. This exclusive collection includes a facial moisturizer, an eye gel, and a manuka honey peel. Each of these products is important in keeping your skin smooth and clean all day long.

The facial moisturizer provides the perfect protection and hydration for your skin. It balances out the moisture on your face to avoid feeling greasy or sticky. The eye gel combats puffiness and appearance of dark circles under the eyes. The manuka honey peel, meanwhile, is an important agent in removing excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells on your face. It restores the clean and blemish-free appearance of skin, which is often ruined by your direct exposure to sun, pollutants, and other allergens.

Skincare is more than just vanity; it’s a necessity. So that means everyone needs to do it in order to protect their skin against the harsh elements. Now, if you’re just starting your face care routine, I highly recommend that you turn to Origani Philippines. This is because they always provide the most nourishing and advanced skincare collection.