Exclusively for Men: How to Build a No-nonsense Skincare Routine

Men, okay—most men—don’t really spend that much time on taking care of their skin. Most of them only wash their faces with water and whatever soap is handy (if they use any soap at all) shave, rinse, and head out the door. But perhaps it’s time that you should think about caring for your skin, especially if you’re already at a certain age. First, take a deep breath. You don’t need to use tons of products and do a 10-step skincare ritual to get your skin in tiptop shape.

Basic Skincare for Every Man

Menfolk, to keep your skin looking young and fresh for as long as possible, you only need the following products in your daily skincare routine—less, if you don’t shave.

  • Cleanser: Ideally, you should cleanse your face with a mild cleanser, morning and night. Opt for a cleanser with an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) if you have blemishes here and here to help slough off dead skin cells more effectively.
  • Shaving Gel or Cream: This is immensely vital to prevent irritation and razor burn because it will lubricate and hydrate your skin so that your razor blade can glide smoothly over your skin.
  • Aftershave Balm or Lotion: Always apply some aftershave balm or lotion after rinsing your shaving gel or cream and while your skin is still damp. Opt for a light but hydrating formula to avoid skin irritation. Let your skin breathe after shaving.
  • Serum or Moisturizer: Choose a serum or light moisturizer with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients to help hydrate your skin and keep it looking younger for longer. Products, such as Facial Serum for Men by Kedma Philippines, are light, mineral-rich, non-sticky serum developed specially for men. They help minimize the look of wrinkles and fine lines and improve skin tone and texture. It is packed with antioxidants, vitamins E and A, as well as Dead Sea minerals to nourish your skin and safeguard it from the sun and free radical damage. It’s also enriched with ammonium lactate for all-day hydration and chamomile extract to soothe your skin.
  • Sunscreen: This is probably the best product that you can use to fight signs of aging. Always apply sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 every time you go out and the sun’s out.

For Men Who Want That Extra Oomph

If your skin is starting to show signs of aging, such as dull skin tone, fine lines, discoloration, and wrinkles, consider adding retinoids into your skincare routine. Retinoids are basically vitamin A derivatives that boost cell turnover and collagen production to target various aging signs. You can buy OTC retinoids or consult a dermatologist for a specific brand that might be best for the aging signs you’re trying to treat.

Admittedly, creating a skincare routine could be quite overwhelming. But as you can see from above, you need about three to five products, and you’re set to go. Just make sure that you use the right products for your skin type. Remember that as with everything else in life, consistency is key.