Hair Care 101: What a Conditioner Can Do for You

hair shampooConditioners are one of those seemingly mundane hair care products that most people don’t know about that much. For instance, do you need to use it every day? While the answer to this question will depend on the texture of your hair and the product you are using, you should know what makes conditioner a vital part of your hair care routine. Knowing the following benefits of hair conditioners will help you know what will work for your hair.

What is Hair Conditioner?

Hair conditioner is a moisturizing or conditioning agent that consists of emollients, oils, silicones, and detergents or soaps. All these ingredients help to nourish and restore moisture to your hair strands that shampooing has stripped away.

There’s a Perfect Conditioner for Everyone

With endless hair conditioners options out there, the best way to determine the perfect one for your needs is to base your decision on your hair’s texture. For example, if you have thick, oily hair, a conditioner with less oil would be best for you. If you have thin hair, a volumizing conditioner is an ideal choice for you.

Conditioners Strengthen and Nourish Your Hair Follicles


It’s common for hair to dry out in cold weather. But you could hydrate your hair follicles, get rid of dry flakes, and make your tresses feel sleek and soft when you use a conditioning hair mask once to twice weekly. This hair mask contains more of the active ingredients in your hair conditioner.

You should also use conditioner to maintain color-treated hair. A deep conditioning hair mask will help maintain your hair dye and help it stay longer. It will also protect your hair cuticles sufficiently.

Consider Conditioning Your Hair BEFORE Shampooing

According to hair care experts, since conditioner won’t thoroughly rinse out, it can leave your mane limp and lifeless. But if you condition your locks first and then shampoo them after, your hair will have that extra bounce.

Try the Balsam Conditioner from Kedma Philippines. This nourishing conditioner contains a powerful blend of plant extracts and oils as well as Dead Sea minerals to promote shiny, manageable hair and a healthy scalp. Pro-vitamin B5 helps stimulate healthy growth and maintain the hair’s moisture level, plus the active ingredients help your hair maintain softness even after shampooing.

You Can Condition Your Hair Without Shampooing

Using shampoo every day can split the ends of your hair and dry out your mane. You should shampoo your hair every other day, but use conditioner every day.

You can also use a conditioner before styling your hair. There are also leave-in conditioner products that can give you the bounce and softness you need during the summer. Apply some leave-in conditioner to your damp tresses and comb with your hands or a wide-toothed comb. You could also braid and use curlers on your hair. Leave these on for an hour or so and then let your hair loose. Your hair will have the perfect curls, bounce and volume you want.

Conditioner prevents your hair from looking unmanageable, dry and dull. It will stop your hair from looking frizzy and prevent split ends, flyaways, and breakage. You’re doing your mane a huge disservice if you don’t condition it, so do it!