Here’s How I Take Care of My Skin when I’m Traveling

Woman washing faceTraveling is a lot of fun, but it can easily take a toll on our skin. All of that late night partying and having to experience different types of weather can be a shock to the skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated.

It’s not all that bad though, as there are things that you can do to ensure that your skin stays fresh and hydrated all throughout your trip. For me, it’s a mixture of skincare routine, proper sleep, drinking lots of water, and discipline.

What I Do

First, I make sure to pack the essentials in my kit: a gentle facial wash, hydrating toner, facial masks, wrinkle filler, and hydrating day and night serum. I personally love Kedma Cosmetics’ Hyaluronic Signature Gift Set, as it has almost everything that I need.

I use the facial wash for a maximum of twice per day, as washing your face too much can cause your skin to dry up. This goes with the toner as well, as you wouldn’t want to make your skin get extremely dry and flake out during your trip. This can show up in pictures, which certainly won’t look good!

For Kedma’s facial restoring mask, I make sure to use it at least once or twice a week to keep my skin hydrated and glowing. It keeps my skin looking plump and smooth. I usually use this on the plane before going to sleep.

I only use the wrinkle filler when I have to attend a special event, or I want to look extra fine during a date night. It’s extremely effective though, and it instantly diminishes wrinkles, giving me a plump and youthful look.

It Doesn’t End There

The Elixir Hydrating Day Serum, meanwhile, is a must for me in the morning. I just can’t go out without applying it. It instantly makes my jetlagged skin look less tired that I can even go out with no makeup at all. This is great for girls who are on the go, as you can easily put it in your bag and reapply after a couple of hours.

For my last step at night, I make sure to remove my makeup with micellar water (if I’m wearing any), wash my face with the cleanser, and slather a small amount of the Elixir Nourishing Night Serum. This helps the skin regenerate during the night, leaving a fresh and hydrated skin in the morning.

Now, remember that water and sleep are also very important to keep your skin from looking dehydrated and tired during your trip. Good luck and enjoy!