Looking for a Scrub That’s Worth Its Salt? Try Kedma

woman's skinThere’s nothing worse than wasting high-quality products on skin that has not been properly prepared. So, to make sure that you get all the benefits of anything you use on your skin, make sure you exfoliate regularly.

Kedma Cosmetics include a variety of salt scrubs that provide a wide range of benefits on top of the highly praised and prized Dead Sea minerals. Vanilla, the most aromatic, helps you relax as you exfoliate and is perfect for an end-of-the-day treat, or maybe a weekend home spa session.

Peach and Honey help with those with dry skin, while Kiwi-Mango provides extra nourishment and assists in skin repair. Lemongrass, aside from assisting in skin repair, helps cleanse, repair, and prevent further skin damage.

I’m a fan of anything vanilla, so I made use of the vanilla variant with the intention of spending my weekend unwinding.

I started with moist skin. Applying a little of the product at a time, I massaged it into my skin like lotion, and then slowly scrubbed in slow, circular motions. My arms are usually very dry and scaly, an after-effect of too much exposure to pollution and the drying effect of air conditioning at the office.

The fine salt granules rolled gently on top of my skin — the scrub only feels as rough on your skin as you make it. Take your time with this step and focus on the areas that need the most attention (usually the elbows, knees and soles of your feet). You will feel the difference almost immediately.

Rinse the product off completely and pat your skin dry. You will not only feel the difference but also see it immediately. Even without applying any moisturizers, the combination of the salt, minerals and oils gives you the effect of having gone to a spa for a professional treatment.