Manuka Honey: Can It Give You Great Skin?

manuka honeyPeople have been using honey for medicinal purposes for centuries now, mainly because of its known healing and antiseptic properties. Many scientists are amazed about honey’s many amazing properties and applications. It has been found in Egyptian tombs as a cosmetic, embalming ingredient, and an antiseptic. These days, skin care also say that honey can be used for treating all kinds of skin issues such as inflammation, acne, dryness, and even wrinkles. Manuka honey, which is honey from bees that pollinate manuka trees native to New Zealand and Australia, is particularly hailed in the world of skincare for its significant antioxidant properties.

Why is Manuka Honey So Popular?

Aside from being effective for combating dry skin, fungal infections, and other skin problems, manuka honey is also very hydrating and contains a substantial amount of methylglyoxal, an antimicrobial that’s especially beneficial for healing wounds. It is likewise high in antioxidants that could aid in reducing inflammation due to excess sun exposure so it could help reverse common signs of aging as well.

The Erda Manuka Honey Peel

This certified organic peel boasts of a gentle, yet effective exfoliating property that rids skin of impurities to expose radiant, healthy skin. It also softens, smoothens, and reduces the look of fine lines, and evens out the skin tone for supple and younger-looking skin.

The inclusion of aloe and lotus flower extracts protects, balances, and hydrates, while Bladderwrack extract detoxifies and clarifies the skin. Many users and Origani Review state that they find the peel luxurious, calming, hydrating, and nourishing to the skin. Users also say that they love the subtle honey scent it leaves once they wash it off.

But How Does It Work Exactly?

woman with pimples

The human body has countless bacteria but is mostly good bacteria. Each time you develop a pimple, it’s basically due to bacteria in your skin being irritated by hormones or stress as well as excess oil. Fortunately, the body responds immediately. When a pimple starts to grow, the body has already started the healing process. This is due to your white blood cells trying to combat the excess dead skin cells and gunk buildup.

When you apply manuka honey to the pimple, it will help your body speed up the healing process. It will get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells buildup and help the skin heal quickly. It will likewise help balance out your skin’s pH levels and control the amount of sebum and oil your skin produces naturally.

If you suffer from dry skin and have dry patches, the hydrogen peroxide in honey can slough off dry skin and activate its humectant properties from drawing moisture from the air, sealing it in your skin. It is also particularly excellent for healing and soothing chapped lips.

Manuka Honey for Overall Health

Besides being great for your skin health, manuka honey is also great for your overall health. The hydrogen peroxide, its antioxidant properties and the antimicrobial properties of manuka honey could help fight bad bacteria, soothe inflammation, and nourish your skin. With a thousand years of excellent results, you’ll never go wrong with honey.