Origani Philippines: Giving Your Hands and Nails the Care They Deserve

woman applying hand creamWe use our hands in performing and finishing our tasks every day. If you think about it, our hands are undeniably the most used part of our body, and yet we neglect them the most. This is more than enough reason why we should take time on caring for our hands.

For my hand care routine, I follow a pretty simple rule, and that’s to be consistent with applying hand cream whenever I wash my hands or when the weather gets too dry or wet. I think it is during these occasions where our hands become dry and chapped.

The Only Hand Cream for Me

Searching for a hand cream can be quite a task. With all the options in the market, it’ll be hard to see which among would work perfectly for you. It’s not enough that you apply hand cream, you also need to find a formula that would help moisturize and treat your hands to have soft and beautiful hands.

I found my match with Origani Philippines Total Care Kit for Nails and Hands. I agree with most product reviews online — it has everything I’ve been looking for. It doesn’t only nourish my skin but also helps keep my hands looking beautiful and healthy.

Inside the Hand and Nail Kit

This nail and hand care kit follows a four-step treatment to protect not only my hands but also my nails. The package includes the following product:

  • Nourishing Cuticle Oil. This treats cuticles and nourishes them to help them grow healthy.
  • Hand and Nail Cream. This provides all-day protection and moisture to hands and nails.
  • Nail File. This helps achieve a perfectly shaped nails
  • Nail Shine Buffer. This maintains shining and beautiful-looking nails.

My Experience with Origani

Although the Total Care Kit for Nails and Hands come in a package, its application isn’t as complicated as you might think. It honestly took me a good 30 minutes to complete the whole routine, including the nail buffing and filing.

For the latter steps, I only perform them once a week. Other than that, I’m consistent in applying the hand cream.

Overall, I’m completely satisfied with this hand cream. It uses a formula that is not too creamy or watery to give the right amount of moisture and nourishment to my hands. In addition, I also notice that my hands feel softer and smoother. I definitely love every in of this product.

I could say that this is the only hand cream I need to keep my hands and nails beautiful all day long.