Origani Whipped Body Butter: A Treat for Your Body’s Complete Relaxation

woman laying down beside body butterAs we get busy with work and other aspects of our life, we tend to forget about ourselves. Soon after, stress will take over and before we even know it, we’ve already lost the glow we once have. That’s why it’s important that we take the time to indulge and pamper ourselves even in the simplest ways.

For me, I find comfort in applying body butter all over my skin. I especially enjoy the Whipped Body Butter from Origani Philippines, which I came to discover from reading reviews online.

What Can Body Butter Do?

Body butter works as a moisturizer, which mainly contains natural oils and essential nutrients that are vital to the skin’s hydration. Using this regularly leaves you feeling refreshed all day long.

The one I have right now from Origani have a healing effect, which boosts collagen production and reduce dryness on the skin. My body butter even extends its benefits by intensifying my skin’s natural barrier against the harmful elements in our skin. It also helped me even out my skin tone throughout my body. I also noticed that it brings a more radiant glow into my skin.

Why I Love Body Butter

One of the biggest reasons I love body butter over lotion or moisturizing cream is the fact that it doesn’t only nourish my skin, but has the ability to protect the natural oils around it. In addition, most body butter, particularly the one I’m using, have a long-lasting scent that no longer requires me to wear perfume.

It also has the power to soothe and smoothen the skin, which allows me to have a younger and blended glow. This is something you don’t often get on a normal moisturizing cream. Along with body butter, I also use Origani’s formulated Salt Scrub to enjoy better results.