Why is My Skincare Routine Not Working?

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When you are trying everything to fix your skin, you’re probably following the most researched, reviewed, and popular skincare regimen to solve your specific skin problem. After all, if it works for many people, it should work for you as well right?

But the reality is that it’s not that simple. So when you use a product that had worked and then stopped, it can be extremely frustrating. But there are many reasons why a specific skincare product just isn’t working for you.

Your Skincare Product Doesn’t Contain Enough of The Active Ingredient

It might be the right ingredient for your purpose, but if the concentration is very low, you might see minimal effect on your skin. But before deciding on not using a specific ingredient, check the label first. If you see that the supposed active ingredient is not up there at the top of the ingredients list, there might not be enough of it to see results.

For instance, the Active Mud Mask by Kedma Philippines claims to have Dead Sea black mud, avocado and lavender oils, as well as beeswax for softening pores, evening out skin texture and tone and boosting cell renewal. If you check the ingredients list for this product, you’ll see that Dead Sea black mud is the first ingredient on the list, which means that it contains more of this ingredient. The user is assured that the expected effects will be visible immediately with consistent use.

You Store Your Skincare Products in Humid or Sunny Areas

Storing your skincare items in the bathroom or in an area exposed to the sun where the temperature could get extremely hot might negatively impact the efficacy of some of its ingredients. Your product might work, feel, look, smell, and react differently than you expected.

For instance, if you store sunscreen in a place warmer than 30 degrees Celsius, it might no longer work to protect you against UV rays or worse, irritate your skin. If you place them in your bathroom where you use hot baths, it might lose its efficacy. So when storing products, place them away from sunlight or places where there are extreme temperature changes. You can put them inside your refrigerator to make sure it will stay active for the longest time.

You Bought a Low-Quality Product

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Ingredients that are of poor quality don’t work; they could even make your skin problem worse than it is. Skincare products aren’t created equal, and you can see this based on their prices. They also use less of the active ingredients, aside from using inferior ingredients. You should also be wary of unstable molecules, poor packaging and formulation.

The Product is Expired

If you’ve had your product for six or 12 months, it may be less effective and won’t give you the results you are expecting. Products like these could also irritate your skin. Most skincare products can last from six to 18 months, and you often see this on the product packaging. But the efficacy of the product could lessen overtime depending on your storage methods. If you can’t find the expiry date, call the manufacturer.

Don’t banish that ingredient or product from your skincare regimen just yet. But if you have eliminated all possible issues, chances are that the product or ingredient isn’t suitable for your skin. it’s time to make some changes to your routine.