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A Man’s Guide to Kedma’s Formulated Aftershave Balm

Shaving is an integral part of a man’s grooming routine, as it defines his facial features. But the challenge to remaining sharp-looking is mastering the art of shaving—and this includes finding the right aftershave product. It can be tricky to find a product that will give you a refreshing feeling….

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How to Take Care of Your Skin if You’re a Busy Woman

I’m always on the go, so everything I do is always fast and easy. Skincare is one thing that’s very important to me, especially now that I’m nearing my 30s. I have this rule that I can’t go outside without putting on my skincare products in the morning. So if you’re a…

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Here’s How to Keep Your Neck Looking Young

Most people forget to include their necks whenever they do their skincare routine. I, myself, have been guilty of this since God knows when. However, when I started noticing that the skin on my neck seems to be getting a little wrinkly and old, I’ve decided to use a product…