Dead Sea Mineral Hair Serum: The Expert Care for Dry and Frizzy Hair

hair strandsHaving bad hair day has always been my biggest insecurity. Truth is, I envy those who have naturally beautiful locks. I often find myself staring at the girls in shampoo commercials wondering how I would be able to have healthier and shinier hair.

That’s when I became obsessed with hair treatments. I literally tried every single one of them — hair relaxing, rebonding, hot oil, hair spa, and keratin treatment. Although those treatments helped me manage my hair, they’re not enough to bring back the life of my hair. So, I continued on with my search, until one day a friend mentioned about the Dead Sea Mineral Hair Serum of Kedma Cosmetics in the Philippines.

Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to try it at first since it was expensive. I would’ve probably got two to three hair treatments for its price, but my friend insisted that it’s worth the try. Of course, I gave in to her persuasion. What’s there to lose?

How it Goes for Me?

As I religiously apply this hair serum for months or so, I noticed improvements in my locks. The dryness and brittleness at the ends are getting better. There’s a visible shine and richness in my locks and it has become easier to manage.

As compared to before, I’m seeing more volume in my hair. It also looks healthier and silkier. The product had definitely helped restore and condition my locks to achieve a radiant-looking glow.

One Piece of Advice

Although I’m a living proof that this hair serum actually works, you still need to have a daily hair care routine to keep it healthy and smooth. Along with a consistent application, be sure you only use sulfate-free hair products and comb your hair with 100 strokes.

I have never been this happy with my hair before, so I encourage you to try and do it to so you’ll never have to deal with bad hair day ever again.