How to Prevent Skin Aging

woman pointing her wrinkles

Aging is a truth that everyone has to accept, but who says you can’t delay it? If science and technology can provide products to prolong youthfulness, then you might as well utilize them. This is what I had in mind when I was eyeing the line of products from Kedma Cosmetics in the Philippines. Started by Israeli entrepreneurs, Kedma has now opened in the country. Skin aging, something I’m concerned about, is targeted by the brand through its products. I immediately bought these and started using them at home. While doing so, I also took time to read the signs of aging that these skincare products can combat. Here’s what I learned so far:

Sagging Skin

It turns out sagging skin is one effect of aging. It can manifest in many ways, such as a turkey neck. This is what compelled me to use the Kedma facial gold serum on the sagging part of my neck, and what I saw after a week or so impressed me. There was visibly less sagging, and my skin felt tighter. Upon reading the ingredients on the product, it made sense to me that the facial gold serum would work so effectively. Vitamin E, ginseng root extract, and pearl powder amino acids are instrumental in perking up loose skin and boosting its renewal.


Another sign of skin aging is blemishes, which is something that I also struggle with. Doctors say constant exposure to the sun can cause the skin to blemish. The skin becomes so sun-damaged that dark spots begin to form. Thankfully, I found out that Kedma has a gold mask that helps negate the effects of sun damage. This is made possible by its 24k gold ingredient, which lightens the appearance of sunspots.


wrinkled hand

Of course, I can’t keep talking about skin aging without mentioning wrinkles. These, along with frown lines and other blemishes on the face, clearly indicate that a person is aging. I personally find wrinkles annoying, which is why I also started using the personal wrinkle filler by Kedma. Like the other products mentioned, this wrinkle filler can help reduce frown lines and wrinkles on the skin. I also read that wrinkles could be caused by sleeping on one side, which forms “sleep creases” that worsen into wrinkles. I’ve been sleeping on my back since doctors say that doing so prevents sleep creases from worsening.  

Dry Skin

Experts also mention dry skin, which is likely caused by the loss of oil glands that happen with aging. Dry skin is worsened by the overuse of soap or hot baths. While dry skin might not be as visible as the other skin aging signs I talked about earlier, it’s still important to remedy this condition. Some people might develop irritability from having dry skin, causing them to sleep less at night.

In the end, we can all agree that skin aging can be delayed by science. By utilizing products developed by experts in the field, I was able to make the problematic areas on my face disappear. Hence, the brand has earned my trust.