This Nighttime Skincare Routine Will Rejuvenate Your Skin

woman hugging a pillow

During the day, your skin gets exposed to environmental stressors, such as the sun’s UV rays and pollution. Your daytime skincare regimen works to protect your skin from these factors’ damaging effects. However, your skin needs even more care and nourishment in the night to keep you looking good.

Skincare experts in the Philippines like Kedma suggest tweaking your nighttime routine before you get your eight hours of beauty rest. Your skin needs a regimen to help restore, repair and prepare it for another day. This way, you will wake up looking and feeling well rested and rejuvenated.

Invest in a Cleansing Brush

Removing dirt and makeup from your face will leave it refreshed and feeling lighter. Some women use gentle cleansing wipes to remove makeup, dirt and grime instantly. But deep cleansing can only be achieved if you have a cleansing brush. 

Invest in a gentle cleansing brush and use it with a mild face cleanser to remove oil and grime. If these stay on your skin overnight, they can clog your pores and cause pimples or blackheads. The cleansing brush also removes dryness and exfoliates your skin to prepare your face for the rest of your routine.

Do Not Skip the Toner

Another must in a nighttime skin regimen is using the right toner. This step cleanses the skin and imparts much-needed benefits to counter the early signs of aging. Daytime stressors can cause enlarged pores and fine lines, which can make you look old and tired. 

Using a toner that contains elastin, collagen and laricryl can help you address these skin issues. Kojic acid in the ingredients can also help brighten an otherwise dull and tired-looking complexion. You can shop around for the right toner for your skin type or one that addresses a specific skin problem.

Hydrate Your Eye Area

Specialized serums are usually formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients. You can incorporate them in your nightly routine to address specific skin issues such as fine lines and wrinkles. 

Your eye area is very sensitive and can easily get dehydrated. Lack of moisture will cause this area to lose elasticity and fine lines to develop. If you do not want your eyes to look puffy and tired in the morning, be committed to hydrating this area as much as possible.

Use an Evening Moisturizer

Moisturizers and creams generally feel heavy during the day, so there are moisturizers made for daytime and nighttime use. Night creams are usually richer than day creams. They actually help nourish and soften your skin so your skin looks softer and feel supple in the morning.

A few extra minutes and some changes in your nightly routine do not only cleanse your skin of the day’s dirt and grime but also restores and regenerates it to prepare it for another day. You will get the most out of your beauty sleep and reap the benefits of having the right products to keep your skin looking well rested, youthful and rejuvenated.